Almost Composed

Meditation and curiosity

The Spiral Path

March 27, 2023

Eh. Coffee by the harbour and a good book. Can’t be bad. I was going to slow down with the reading but a Buddhist teacher kindly gave me a copy of This Being, That Becomes: The Buddha’s Teaching on Conditionality by Dhivan Thomas Jones and I found myself gently exploring it rather than voraciously devouring […]

In Which the Deceased Complains to Atum, the World-Creator

January 30, 2017

Deceased: Love is not made here. There is no air, nor bread, nor beer. It is doubly dark, which is to say that it has no colour. It is doubly deep, having no need of a beginning. It is doubly quiet, because I can hear myself. You have brought me to a place that does […]

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