Almost Composed

Meditation and curiosity

Boathouse, Strangford Lough

August 8, 2021

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Waxland Tales

September 24, 2019

I’ve set up a web presence at Some friends and I are producing short films connected to the landscape of our youth. The next film we release is titled Pursuit, and it’ll be uploaded to YouTube on Halloween. Here’s a scene from the film. You can connect with Waxland Tales on Twitter and Instagram […]

A Doorway

January 12, 2019

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April 21, 2017

These photos were taken with a Polaroid 600 my sister-in-law bought me. I stored the film improperly.

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February 3, 2016

In the co-ordinator’s office of the meditation centre where I’m volunteering, there’s a piece of wood engraved with the following: A beautiful day. It will not come again. As a call to appreciation, it seemed more urgent than carpe diem.¬†This came home to me while looking out of the window of a bathroom on the […]