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Meditation and curiosity

Sympathy for Luddites

October 1, 2019

Social media creates an illusion that the world is wrapped in layers of information. We start to think and act in accordance with the idea that reality involves posting photos of ourselves, seeing what our friends did on holiday and writing about what we’re thinking. When we abstain from doing this after some years, the world feels like a claustrophobic dream in which […]

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Dharma Dudes: Bubble

July 11, 2016

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Downshifting: balancing your job, life, and your art

November 27, 2015

I stumbled on this old productivity post which, ironically, I never did anything with. I wrote it a while ago when I was preoccupied with getting it all done: work, writing, music, life: the full catastrophe. I’m not sure in all honesty how good I am at implementing these strategies. I have a more relaxed attitude […]

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Alternative productivity tips

October 14, 2015

Keep flowers on your desk. Do things when you feel like it. Open the window to feel the breeze and hear life going on outside. Try a ‘to do’ list of things you can do for others. Cut away the trivial but pay attention to the small.

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Dream selves

October 6, 2015

Interesting that in dreams we seem to have a self – whether that be a butterfly or a WWII soldier – though we have no physical body, and the world around us is a tottering, malleable palace. It’s as though the mental machinery that constructs our everyday perception of self and other can at last be seen […]

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