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August 27, 2016

We started recording this at the very end of 2008. It was inspired by Silent Hill, Jimmy Eat World, and And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead’s song Source Tags and Codes, which has the lyric:

You picked me up and we went for a drive
into the stained glass cavern of the night.

Adam’s vocal was perfect, as usual, but then something on the muted TV made us laugh. We got another take but I left the laughter in. I originally programmed really hectic drums, as I’d been listening to The Most Serene Republic a lot. Some of it sounded good but I couldn’t get it just right. Tweaking the timing and velocity for each hit was so laborious I ended up leaving it alone, fiddling once every few years and eventually dumping the drum track for a more spacious mix. In the meantime, my band recorded an uptempo rock version at the Rich Bitch studio in Birmingham. We called that Air on the Radio. Check it out below, it sounds quite different with Jon’s nailgun drumming and airtight rhythm with Paul on bass.

Anyway it’s good to finish these things, even if it does take nearly eight years.

Here’s the Distant Signal version:

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