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Do Nothing Beach

January 20, 2015

How hard it is to do nothing. Before you know what you’re about, you’ve laid down some jazzy chords and improvised a blues riff over the top. So here’s another track intended for People Are Guitars. I was aiming for something like the smooth, bassy tones of Kenny Burrell with a chiming top end. I wanted it to feel totally laid back, like it’s too hot to move and time is nothing but gentle waves crashing on golden sand, ya dig?

On a squarer note, I’m getting the hang of Ableton Live. It’s really easy to combine programming and expressive parts. I feel like these rapid new methods of production and distribution are revealing art to be a continual process. In the past we waited for a single, definitive release. Maybe things now are becoming like they were before record deals and the printing press: songs and stories evolve over time, becoming something you do rather than an end product.

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